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Mission Statement

Freedom for Veterans, Dogs with a Mission.

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Sam Daly

Board of Directors


Board Chair: Kelsey Duffy

Secretary: Wendy Flum

Treasurer: Lance Lerum

At Large Members

Tudy Fowler

Yvette Hammond

Mark Legvold

Robert Schmidt

Staff and Key Volunteers

Assistant Executive Director: Julie Lawrence (Interim Executive Director)

Training Director: Justin Ivers

Senior Trainer: Kayla Zubke

Veteran Outreach: Wendy Flum

Foster Coordinator: Ricci Bilotta

Large Event & Sponsor Coordinator: Lori Davies

Ambassador Event Coordinator: Merilyn Calcutt

Bookkeeper: Marilyn Petersen

Trainers: Morgan Benson, Brianna Jordet, Scott Listberger, Holly Ness