Minnesota Dog Trainer Serves Those with Invisible Wounds of War

Rescuing exceptional dogs to serve an extraordinary role is no easy task.
But for Believet, a Northfield organization that looks to pair service dogs, free of charge, with veterans suffering from combat-related injuries or disabilities, it was a welcomed venture.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done but it’s also one of the scariest things I’ve ever done,” Daly said.

It was, he said, like being on two seven-month camping trips in the most miserable place you can think of. Temperatures of 125-degrees were common, so was the constant threat of gunfire and explosions. There, the dogs found many, many, IED’s. Watch the video Fox 9.

Believe in Believet – Dogs Serving Those Who Served

A Vietnam-era veteran from the Navy, Doug, describes his journey toward the eventual pairing with a service dog long and drawn out. He began researching service dogs over five years ago, knowing they could assist with his PTSD.

After years of additional online research, phone calls, and dead ends, he was eventually put in touch with Sam Daly, who invited him to Northfield for a meeting. Doug, who resides in Wisconsin, was initially hesitant about a siex-hour round trip. However, he also thought if he didn’t take this chance, he would be missing out on something.