Service dogs help with PTSD symptoms

Study shows service dogs are associated with lower PTSD symptoms among war veterans

    Veterans with service dogs…had lower levels of depression, lower anxiety and increased social participation, meaning a willingness to leave their house and go engage with society in different activities.

– Maggie O’Haire, Assistant professor of human-animal interaction and lead researcher

Exciting news from Purdue University: A preliminary study led by researchers at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine demonstrates that overall symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are lower among war veterans with service dogs. Read the full story at Purdue’s newsroom.

A closer look at service dogs for PTSD

Service dogs for veterans with PTSD get closer look

    What we are hoping to do is document what most people know from common sense: that animal-assisted activities are good for people who are suffering from trauma

– Steve Feldman, executive director of the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative

The Star Tribune spoke with Kristian Gaasland, Believet™’s first client, in their August 22, 2015 article “Service dogs for veterans with PTSD get closer look.” Read the full story here.